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INK Games is changing the way that games are played with World of Influence. Perhaps you have a significant following on your social media account because you’re a passionate expert at video games. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to check out World of Influence. It’s about time that someone like you gets paid for gaming!
Imagine a scenario where you can earn profits by merely gaining followers in your area? That can be you!

World of Influence

is the virtual side of property investment.

In the real world, we see property that we like, and we buy it. You can do this but in the gaming world. Consider where you live now: In World of Influence, you can purchase your postal code and own the area. You then share this knowledge with your friends and social media followers. People who join the game that are from your postal code will give you points that then turn into cash at the end of the month.
The more virtual property that you invest in, the more money that you can earn! And that’s not all.

World of Influence

sells virtual assets within the game that work as boosts to your map.

(Your map is your virtual property that you own.) The more maps that your map can connect with, the more followers you can gain and the more money that you can earn.
And just like the real world, you can freely buy and sell your virtual property and assets whether inside the game or outside the game. There’s no doubt that this is the next big thing in the gaming world. Once people catch on to this new opportunity, it’s expected to explode into the next craze!
With massively popular games like Fortnite and Pokemon Go, people are already interested in virtual properties and places. Let’s not forget that these games brought in a whopping billions of dollars for the owners! So yes, there’s money to be made in the new age of video gaming.

INK Games

has carefully studied and analyzed the market, and they know what users want. Other competitive companies like Ubisoft and Twitch have lost momentum in their marketing power because they’ve failed to understand what users really want. If you don’t know what your customer wants, your participation numbers are going to start dwindling down.

INK Games offers everything that users want. This includes:


Digital gameplay for everybody.


Impeccable viral network tracking.


On schedule, on time monthly payouts for earned revenues.


Gameplay that is geographically based.


The ability to own virtual assets.


Social and community driven for outstanding involvement with the world.


Rewards are given to users for referrals.


The game is secured by a blockchain system.


Clean transactions and accurate payment tracking.


Easy accessibility through mobile sources.


NFT capability.

INK Games

is the only game developer that offers users ALL OF THIS simultaneously. This is why more and more influencers are checking us out. Not only do we pay our influencers to participate in the game, we provide everything they’ve wanted in a game.
Let’s talk a little bit about

purchasing postal codes (or zip codes).

Once you type in your postal code, it’ll pull up a digital property card that shows the population and status points for that area. (Remember, the amount of points that you earn will contribute to the amount of money that you earn at the end of the month.)
Some postal codes have more points than others AND some cities have more than one postal code. Ideally, if all surrounding postal codes are available for purchase, you’ll benefit greatly from purchasing them all. (Also keep in mind that you purchase virtual property with REAL MONEY.)
As you are browsing through the property cards, you’ll notice that some areas are labeled differently from others. This is to determine their value in relation to other potential buyers.

Listed below are examples of the property labels that you may see:


Uncommon Zip Codes


Rare Zip Codes


Epic Zip Codes


Legendary Zip Codes


Common Zip Codes

The cities of

Los Angeles and New York City

have “legendary zip codes” while other areas and cities are also labeled accordingly. Use this strategically when determining how your property can work for you! Obviously, the more people that live in a certain area are more people that are available of being influenced and can participate in World of Influence. This will bring you more money.
In other words, every zip code owned will build your map connection in the World of Influence virtual economy.
By Participating in World of Influence,

You Are Not Only Helping Yourself but Helping INK Games.

INK Games finds value in paying influencers to help expand the World of Influence platform. By paying gaming users, it builds loyalty, value and trust between seller and customer. This sets the foundation for great business relationships and customer connections. It’s also tremendously helpful in spreading the word about World of Influence. Gaming users like YOU aid in building our reputation for value and loyalty. People like those qualities and are drawn to them. INK Games takes great pride in rewarding users like no other gaming platforms do!
Don’t spend worthless, penniless hours of your time on games that don’t pay you a penny. Who says that you can’t have fun and can’t earn money at the same time? We invite you to join our community here at World of Influence and delve into the world of monetizing your game play strategies! It’s always best to invest early. When people catch on to a good thing, it explodes in popularity as everyone wants a piece of the pie. Be sure to stake your claim today! It’ll be worth quite a pretty penny further down the road when the whole world finds out about World of Influence.